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Chhaap Yoga for the people.


Kommt mit zu unserem Yoga-Retreat vom 31.10. - 03.11.2019 im Gutshaus Klopotowo in Polen.

Für ein Wochenende lassen wir die Stadt und die Hektik hinter uns, um uns vollends den drei Themen unseres Retreats zu widmen - Yoga, Ruhe und Zeit.
Komm mit und begleite uns für 4 Tage ins wunderschöne und herrschaftliche Gutshaus Klopotowo in Polen, nur 3,5 Autostunden von Berlin entfernt und nahe an der polnischen Ostsee gelegen. Hier kannst du in Yogastunden Kraft und Energie tanken und dich wieder mit dir selbst verbinden, kannst lange Spaziergänge unternehmen und die Ruhe der Umgebung genießen oder einfach deine Seele baumeln lassen.

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Breathe in

Breathe out. It’s just as easy as that.


CHHAAP छाप (Hindi: print / impression). Think your own truth. Speak your own truth. Follow your own truth. Follow your own self. Listen to within. Whatever you are looking for - you already possess it. Three happy yoga teachers sharing and caring about inner contentment. Sina, Ronja and Lisa, living in Berlin, are certified Yoga Alliance teacher on their individual paths. The love of travel brought them separately to India for a much closer vision on where yoga comes from and where it might lead you. Come and join us on a journey full of beautiful new insights, upside downs, stretching & flexing and the art of being.



Yoga Teacher

Take a moment and stop whatever you are doing right now. Observe yourself. How do you feel? That is what yoga is about to me. The present moment. Right here. Right now. Bringing awareness to yourself. Listening carefully to what you need. My yoga classes are raw, mindful and full of vigor. Always led by my intuition and the simple power of breath and movement.



Yoga Teacher

Yoga for me is being in alignment with myself. Connecting with my inner being through breathing and considered movement of my body. Yoga is bringing me back to a place of calmness and trust. It reminds me of being mindful with myself first, so I can be mindful with my surroundings too. I invite you to come to your mat and experience what Yoga can give to you.



Yoga Teacher

Since I discovered my passion for Yoga 10 Years ago, it became an important part of my life, which I don’t want to miss anymore and love to share with others. Yoga is so much more than just physical practice. It gives one the opportunity to pause, to live here and now. It gives strength and energy, helps to stay physically as well as mentally flexible.


120 Yoga Lessons
2343409 Breaths
1602 Cups of yogi tea
960 Happy yogis and yoginis